Around The World In 60 Minutes

On this week's show, we're embarking on a virtual trip around the world — from Louisiana to China to Israel and beyond!

We begin with a journey through modern China with Audra Ang, who uncovered the country’s soul by researching its food. Audra is a curator at the Museum of Chinese in America, which is located in New York’s Chinatown.

Audra Ang.jpg

Then, journalist Andrew Lawler answers the eternal question -- why did the chicken cross the world? -- in his exploration of the chicken's migratory history. Andrew contends that the chicken has played a quintessential role in the development of human civilization. 

Next, we go globe-trotting with Zdenek Kastanek. He’s a self-styled "spirits evangelist" for Proof & Company, an elite distribution business that is helping to shape the pre-eminent cocktail bars of Singapore. Zdenek describes his experiences working in some of the world’s most glamorous watering holes.

Finally, we hear about a New Orleans-themed bar in an unexpected locale: Tel Aviv. Oron Lerner, who owns the French 57, discusses how our food and drink culture translates to the nightlife capital of Israel.