Gratitude And Giving: Thanksgiving 2014

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is the oldest Orthodox Church in America. For 150 years the members of the church have passed down their traditions bit by bit, day by day. But now that our culture has changed and fewer people have extra time on their hands, the culture could be in jeopardy of being lost. This week on Louisiana Eats! we'll speak with the women of the church as they prepare finikia to hear their thoughts about community, family and heritage. 

Credit:  Marjory Collins

Credit: Marjory Collins

We'll also speak with chef David Slater about his long journey home to New Orleans. Originally raised in Canada, David worked in kitchens around Florida, Georgia and New York, but could never find a place he liked as much as New Orleans. We'll speak with him about becoming a New Orleanian and what he thinks about being Emeril Lagasse's right hand man

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving we'll hear from Rodney Scott and Mignon Faget. Rodney has rebuilt his family's barbecue restaurant with the help from the Fatback Collective, and Mignon has found satisfaction by donating to charities throughout southern Louisiana. All this and an update from the new Wednesday market in the French Quarter on this fully loaded edition of Louisiana Eats!