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Louisiana Eats! produced and hosted by Poppy Tooker is broadcast weekly on NPR affiliates throughout the Gulf South and is available internationally via podcast and web streaming.  To LISTEN or subscribe CLICK HERE

Each episode takes listeners to the fields and farms, restaurant and home kitchens where the food action is really happening. Along the way, listeners personally get to know the people and stories that are part of the renowned food culture of this delicious place.

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Poppy and her talented team of producers challenge listeners personal views with episodes devoted to often, controversial topics like substance and sexual abuse and violence.  Since 2010, the compelling subject of food and race, have been a favorite topic on Louisiana Eats.

During the hour-long program Poppy also travels far afield, taking listeners along to experience the grape harvest in at Cakebread Cellers in Sonoma, California, exploring the French food scene from Parisian markets to the Loire River Valley and vicariously travelling to Cuba with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band for a spicy food and music festival in Havana. You’re never left behind if you’re listening to Louisiana Eats!