Quick Bites: At the Fish Camp with the Landrys of Don’s Seafood

Quick Bites: At the Fish Camp with the Landrys of Don’s Seafood

When it comes to family, the Landrys of Don’s Seafood are as authentically Louisiana as it gets.  In this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite we travel down to Port Sulphur to fish and cook with Donny, Mike and Tracy Landry of Don's Seafood and honorary Landry family member, Eric Mulina who runs the day to day operations and started at Don's Seafood as a server at just 24 years old. Not only do we get a fish fry lesson, but they also share the secrets about catfish, crawfish and chicken in a bag.


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Quick Bites: The Science of Water with Eliot Sherman

Quick Bites:  The Science of Water with Eliot Sherman

On this week’s episode, we’re diving into the tempestuous depths of global water issues. Here in Louisiana, we know quite well that living with water can be a constant struggle. Elsewhere, Americans are dealing with the opposite problem, experiencing annual droughts and wildfires that cause other serious hardships. With a look towards the future, today we’re going to turn to an expert on the subject

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Quick Bites: "Hi, Anxiety!" Kat Kinsman Explores Chefs With Issues

Quick Bites:  "Hi,  Anxiety!"  Kat Kinsman Explores Chefs With Issues

Kat Kinsman believes that "An Awkward Conversation Won't Kill You."  In fact, often, it may actually save your life.  Since the suicide of Kat's friend and associate, Anthony Bourdain, the conversation about mental health and substance abuse in the hospitality industry has come into sharp focus.  After all, it's the hospitality industry that takes care of everyone else - while no one is taking care of them

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Quick Bites: To Beef Or Not To Beef

Quick Bites:  To Beef Or Not To Beef

In May 2018, Dickie Brennan hosted Italian butcher, Dario Cecchini at his New Orleans steakhouse and Tableau on Jackson Square for a meaty and amazing demonstration of deliciousness. Dario’s visit was prompted by the hospitality he’d extended to Dickie’s son, Richard III, during his apprenticeship in Panzano, a little village in Italy’s Chianti region.

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Quick Bites: Art & Whiskey, a Conversation with Noah Rothbaum

Quick Bites:  Art & Whiskey,  a Conversation with Noah Rothbaum

For spirits expert and author Noah Rothbaum, each whiskey bottle tells a story, and he's proven that idea by writing extensively on the subject. Noah is the Drink + Food Senior Editor for The Daily Beast and the associate editor of the forthcoming book, The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails.

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Quick Bites: George Graham

Quick Bites:  George Graham

From the cities to the swamps, Louisiana’s Cajun Country is known for its food, culture, and joie de vivre. Author and blogger George Graham calls Acadiana home, and has made it his mission to preserve and promote Cajun and Creole culture through stories and recipes. He blogs about his food adventures weekly on AcadianaTable.com and is author of the book Acadiana Table: Cajun and Creole Home Cooking from the Heart of Louisiana.

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Quick Bites: Alfred Singleton, A Singular Chef

Quick Bites:  Alfred Singleton, A Singular Chef

Café Sbisa Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Alfred Singleton has always had a passion for food and entrepreneurship. Born and raised in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Alfred spent nights and weekends at his family's popular sandwich shop, peeling shrimp and paying attention to the details of running a business. 

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Quick Bites: De-cyphering Buttermilk Graffiti

Quick Bites:  De-cyphering Buttermilk Graffiti

If you are a devoted foodie – it’s a good guess you already know who Edward Lee is. Especially if you caught his Emmy nominated season of Mind of a Chef.  Born in Korea, Edward grew up in

Brooklyn, but a single trip to the Kentucky Derby transformed him into a new style Southerner, one whose world includes kimchi with a side of fried boloney.

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Au Revoir, Ms Ella.

Au Revoir, Ms Ella.

Au Revoir, Ms. Ella


There will only be one Ella Brennan.  For over seven decades, the matriarch of the Brennan clan influenced and elevated American hospitality like no other.  On Thursday, May 31, 2018. Ella Brennan passed away in her Garden District home surrounded by loving family.


In the spring of 2015, Ella welcomed the Louisiana Eats team into her home for a conversation about her life and thoughts on the restaurant industry.  In this Louisiana Eats podcast, we’re remembering the unmistakable grand dame and listening once again, to Ella Brennan, in her own words.

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Quick Bites: An Arnaud's Centennial Celebration

On February 29th, 1918, a French wine salesman named Arnaud Cazenave opened Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The extravagant, eccentric “Count”—as he dubbed himself—spent decades expanding the restaurant in size and scope, creating an institution specializing in French Creole cuisine. One hundred years later, the legendary restaurant remains an institution, with endless stories to tell.

On this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, we sit down with the Casbarian family, for an intimate look at Arnaud’s amazing history. Archie Casbarian convinced Germaine Wells, the Count’s eccentric daughter to hand over the keys to Arnaud’s in 1978, beginning a grand new era of fine Creole dining rivaling the Count’s.

Sadly, Archie Casbarian passed away in 2009. His wife Jane and their two offspring, Katie and Archie, Jr. remember the indelible mark Archie made on the restaurant and tell family stories of their forty years at Arnaud’s.

 Arnauds restaurant

Arnauds restaurant


 Chef Michael Gulotta

Chef Michael Gulotta

Michael Gulotta began a Southeast Asian food revolution when he opened MoPho in New Orleans’ Mid City in 2014. His use of classic Louisiana ingredients like cochon de lait and hogs head cheese in what otherwise might be an authentic Vietnamese bowl of pho or bahn mi sandwich has caught the fancy of the entire nation.  By 2016, Food and Wine Magazine pegged him as one of America’s Best Chefs.  In 2017, Michael opened a second restaurant in New Orleans’ Market District, Maypop. Here, he’s continuing to bend the lines on what Southeast Asian cooking means in South Louisiana. On weekends at Maypop, Michael is serving dim sum brunch – his way.  He invited the Louisiana Eats crew into the Maypop kitchen to learn how to make soup dumplings, one of the most difficult dim sum dishes to execute.  Michael’s secret? House made hogshead cheese! When it comes to Chinese cuisine, I love chili wonton! Hsiao-Ching Chou, Seattle based cooking teacher, shares her secrets on how to make them and other delicious dumplings in her new book, Chinese Soul Food.  Hsiao-Ching joins us on a future episode of Louisiana Eats, but in the meantime, learn how to make her chili wonton here.

They’re delicious, but those hogshead soup dumplings at Maypop, are some real – Louisiana Eats!


Quick Bites: An Odyssey of Food With Alon Shaya

In his new cookbook memoir, Shaya: An Odyssey of Food, My Journey Back to Israel, New Orleans chef Alon Shaya frankly and unabashedly tells his life’s story. From a lonely childhood to the mean streets of Philadelphia where he was a feared, teenaged drug dealer, to the salvation and purpose he found in cooking, Alon tells all.  At the close of the book, Alon and his father are seen sharing a meal at his James Beard award winning restaurant, Shaya.  That was Alon’s life in the spring of 2017.

In this episode of Quick Bites, Poppy and Alon talk about the book and explore his journey since being fired from his namesake restaurant last fall, by former mentor and partner, John Besh.

One thing is certain, Alon has been busy! We’ll learn about his new company, Pomegranate Hospitality and the inspiration behind his two new modern Israeli restaurants, Saba and Safta.

Join Louisiana Eats as we say “Mazel Tov” to our friend, Alon Shaya!





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Boiling Crawfish With Dr. Boil

Annually, all of Louisiana eagerly anticipates the onset of crawfish season and no one knows more about crawfish than Zatarain’s. After all, they’re the folks who actually invented the seasoning mix we all know as Crab Boil, but is actually used for boiling all sorts of seafood along with an amazing array of other ingredients!

No one knows how to boil crawfish quite like Claude Davis, who also goes by the name Dr. Boil.
Claude is a native New Orleanian who works as a principal scientist for Zatarain’s. That means that Claude not only helps dream up new products, but also maintains the flavor profile of their classic, traditional Louisiana ingredients.

Claude cooked up quite a Louisiana Eats adventure for us when we travelled to Gretna for a sidewalk crawfish boil at the Zatarain’s facility.

Liz Williams’ New Orleans: A Food Biography One Book, One New Orleans’ 2018 Winner

One Book One New Orleans is a campaign for literacy and community. Every year a book is chosen with the idea that New Orleans residents can share the experience of reading the same book at the same time. Through partnerships with the Literary Alliance of New Orleans, Louisiana Books To Prisoners and the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings, the chosen book is provided free of charge to prison inmates and used in adult education programs throughout the greater New Orleans area. At the same time, the New Orleans Public Library, WRBH Reading Radio and the Pirates Alley Faulkner Society host

 Liz Williams Author of  New Orleans: A Food Biography

Liz Williams Author of New Orleans: A Food Biography

community programming and access to the book for those with limited income and impaired vision.  In this way, everyone from an exclusive book club member to a prison inmate will share the experience of enjoying a good read.  

The selection for 2018, is Liz William’s book, New Orleans: A Food Biography.  From beignets to poor boys, gumbo to jambalaya, with the delicious story of historical icons like Antoine’s Restaurant thrown in for good measure, Liz Williams explores New Orleans’ incredibly rich food culture, based on Creole and Cajun traditions.  

Liz Williams, a New Orleans native and founder of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, guides readers through the history of the city as viewed through a food lover’s lens, showing how the natural environment and people shaped the cooking we all love. The narrative begins by describing the indigenous population and material resources, then reveals the contributions of the immigrant populations, delves into markets and local food companies, and finally discusses famous restaurants, drinking culture, cooking at home and cookbooks, and signature foods dishes.

Louisiana Eats celebrates One Book, One New Orleans and Liz’s amazing food biography in this long version edit of an interview, originally recorded just after the book’s publication in 2013.

Elmer’s Chocolates – A Louisiana Eats Tricentennial Tribute


If your childhood was spent anywhere from Beaumont Texas to Mobile Alabama, it’s a good guess your Easter basket was filled with Elmer Goldbricks, Heavenly Hash and Pecan Eggs. 

With a heritage that reaches backt o 1855, Elmer Candy is not only the oldest candy maker in Louisiana, but one of the oldest in the nation. 


On this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, Rob Nelson, third generation of the company’s second owners, today’s president and CEO of Elmer Chocolates, gives us a tour of the state of the art candy factory, located in Pontachtoula, La.   We’ll learn how annually, the company rolls back 50 years in time to hand produce Louisiana’s beloved Easter eggs.


 Don’t wait for the Easter bunny!  Click here to buy candy directly from Elmer Chocolates.

Silence of Da Hams and Hogs

Silence of the Hams and Hogs


In 2008, childhood buddies, Becker Hall and Rene Louape founded Hogs For the Cause during a casual backyard pig roast. Today, Hogs for the Cause has grown into New Orleans largest BBQ event, spanning two days with 85 teams from across the country competing for the big prize.  But the real cause is pediatric brain cancer. Over the last decade Hogs has awarded 600 grants, partnering with Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, Oschner, Duke and many other children’s hospitals across the country to identify families in need.  In this episode, we sit down with Becker to hear the story of how this worthwhile,now legendary event came to be and their plans for the future.

And then we catch up with local favorites, Silence of the Hams, a Hogs team comprised of Chris Montero of the Napoleon House, Michael Brewer of Baton Rouge’s City Pork, Tory McPhail of Commander’s Palace, Jared Ralls and newest member, Parkway Bakery’s Justin Kennedy. To increase their annual giving to the Hogs Cause, chefs Chris Montero, Tory McPhail, Michael Brewer and Jared Rails developed a Louisiana style smoked sausage, produced by Chisesi Brothers. that’s now available at Rouse’s Markets and other groceries throughout the Gulf South. Don’t wait for the big Hogs weekend, have a Louisiana Eats Quick Bite right now!

To give to Hogs for the Cause click here.