Quick Bites: De-cyphering Buttermilk Graffiti

If you are a devoted foodie – it’s a good guess you already know who Edward Lee is. Especially if you caught his Emmy nominated season of Mind of a Chef.  Born in Korea, Edward grew up in

Host Poppy Tooker with Chef Edward Lee

Host Poppy Tooker with Chef Edward Lee

Brooklyn, but a single trip to the Kentucky Derby transformed him into a new style Southerner, one whose world includes kimchi with a side of fried boloney. We sat down in our studios with 

Edward when he blew through town on tour with his new book, Buttermilk Graffiti, a book that Anthony Bourdain said, “Shines a light on what it means to cook and eat American food in all its

infinitely nuanced and ever-evolving glory.”  If you enjoy this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, click here to see of a video version of Edward Lee’s interview produced by Jonathan Evans.