Louisiana Eats Fishes With The Reel Masters

On this week’s show, we’re looking at the role fishing plays in the lives of some of the greatest chefs in the South.

We begin with Susan Schadt, author of Reel Masters. Susan went fishing and caught portraits of eight renowned chefs who treasure the sport.

Next, we send you a postcard from Susan’s book launch event, where chefs and guests gathered together to enjoy incredible seafood dishes. We speak to several of the chefs at the book launch, including John Besh, John Currence, and Kelly English.

Finally, we meet Peter Kaminsky, who authored the foreword to Susan’s book. Peter is a writer, food critic, and film producer whose first love is fly fishing. Peter's interest in fishing has over the years become something of an accidental triumph, propelling him to the vanguard of gourmet food criticism.

We’ve gone fishing on this week’s Louisiana Eats